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Smart Cities

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Delivering Smartly: From Technospeak to Business Opportunity
Tuesday, September 15, 3 PM ET
Go beyond the jargon for a no-nonsense discussion of technology trends and their practical implications for the parking industry. Join global technology leaders from City Tech Collaborative’s Millennium Gateway Innovation Lab to learn what forward-looking parking leaders need to know to take part in and profit from the Smart City Revolution.
Program Hosts:
Brenna Berman, CEO, City Tech Collaborative
Rick West, CEO, Millennium Garages and Managing Member, West FSI


Smart Cities 2030: Partnerships, Planning, and Progress
How are municipal authorities planning for the next decade of growth and development? Many are turning to strategic public-partnerships and joint ventures to advance smart city initiatives such as dealing with congestion, managing connected and autonomous vehicles as well as shared and electric transportation ecosystems.

In this informative program, the Smart Cities Council will explore some of these initiatives that are taking place at both a US and international level.

The Smart Columbus Experience Center will outline the success they have had developing the Central Ohio region’s $550 million smart cities initiative and its Acceleration Fund.

And Thomas Leathers, Chief Parking Administrator at the City of Durham, will examine the City of Durham’s parking and mobility strategy.

Philip Bane, Managing Director, Smart Cities Council
Jordan Davis, Director of Smart Columbus for the Columbus Partnership
Thomas Leathers, Chief Parking Administrator, City of Durham Transportation Department

Sin City: How Cities Can Protect and Defend Themselves Against Cyber Threats
As customers embrace mobile payment systems, parking apps, online wayfinding tools and other digital tools - all hosted in the cloud – the cyber security risk increases enormously. What can city transportation managers, parking operators and other stakeholder do to defend against cyber-attacks and keep data safe secure, and protected?

In this information program, data security experts and parking executives will outline the critical path that cities should take to ensure a cyber secure environment.


Cyrus Olsen, PhD, Co-founder, CyberSecurity Warriors
Barry Schalkle, JD, PhD, Co-founder, CyberSecurity Warriors
Andrew Baxter, Security and Compliance Manager, T2 Systems Inc
Thomas Leathers, Chief Parking Administrator, City of Durham Transportation Department

Safe to Return? What’s Next for the City Parking Industry After COVID-19
As parts of the country begin to lift the pandemic restrictions and parking transactions increase, the parking industry is seeing a rebound in business but also faces new challenges. How are central business districts, suburbs, and other metropolitan areas managing this process? Join us for a conversation on this “new normal,” facilitated by David Hoyt, SVP of Sales at ParkMobile, as he discusses the lessons learned from COVID-19 and the path forward with several parking industry leaders.

David Hoyt, SVP of Sales, ParkMobile
Pamela Corbin, Administration and Planning Manager, City of Orlando, Florida
Amy Ross, Manager, Parking Systems and Communications, Cornell University
Paul Stresow, International Bridges, City of El Paso, Texas