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Shuttle Operations Certificate Program

Shuttle programs are an integral part of many parking operator’s product solutions. Shuttle operations come in variety of sizes and complexity from a single van operation at a hotel or apartment, to extensive off-airport or on-campus shuttle services.  

The program will examine the essential building blocks of a shuttle program that every parking operating should know.  This includes shuttle vehicles and shuttle vehicle types, employee recruitment and training processes, shuttle productivity tools, as well as service and safety standards.       


In this course you will:

  • Understand the business model and economics behind different shuttle programs
  • Learn the different types of available shuttle vehicles, their characteristics, fuel options, and applicability in different shuttle businesses
  • See best practices for recruiting, training and retaining shuttle employees and drivers
  • Understand the importance of proper shuttle maintenance and risk-management procedures
  • Hear how to establish and manage service standards, and shuttle operating procedures
  • Examine how to respond to realistic services scenarios in shuttle operations
  • Find resources to assist in shuttle operations planning

Led by a parking industry expert with decades of shuttle operations experience, the course is a blend of classroom presentations, skills exercises, and case studies for a highly engaging learning experience.       


The course is ideal for parking managers, and supervisory level employees in commercial, municipal, health care, airport, and other parking operations.

Certified Parking Professional


Mathew Winston, Owner & CEO, RE Leasing Inc.

What's Included:

  • 3 1-hour Instructor-led study programs in shuttle operations
  • Course materials and workbook
  • Certificate of attendance
  • 3 Credit hours towards NPA Certified Parking Professional (CPP)

Course Fee:


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Get Certified: Attendance at the Shuttle Operations Certificate Program provides 3 continuing education (CE) hours towards the CPP designation. Learn more.