NPA PMX LIVE—The Expo, Sept 14-16

Exhibit @ PMX LIVE
Pitch Decision Makers. Where Parking Meets.

Real time. Interactive. Connect with your Customers. Sign up to exhibit & meet parking’s top buyers at PMX LIVE. Chat, meetings, ZOOM®, calls—we’ve got it all, so you can pitch Q4 sales and book 2021 deals.

Lights. Camera. ACTION. ZOOM®, video, chat, brochure uploads, points and prizes! PMX LIVE exhibits provide you with powerful tools and analytics & give customers a new and content rich way to meet. We like in person, too! But, in 2020 what matters most is that we all connect and get back to business.

We’re Here to Help: Exhibit at PMX LIVE, transition to digital or need options, "The Choice is Yours". Email or call 202-470-6302.



It’s Easy to Exhibit in 3D:

  1. Select your Exhibit.
  2. Upload your brand & exhibit content July-Sept.
  3. Receive your confirmation & mark your calendar for September 14, 2020.

About Digital Exhibits

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  Driving Partner Powerhouse Trendsetter Champion Innovator
  Good Booth Better Booth Best Booth Best w/Perks Ultra w/Perks
Member $2,500 $3,500 $4,500 $6,500 $11,000
Non-Member $3,750 $5,250 $6,750 $9,750 $16,500
Exhibit Staff & Access Pass 2 3 5 10 12
Added Exhibit Staff & Access Pass $250pp $250pp $250pp $250pp $250pp

Pre-Event Tour June & Demo July: NPA hosted an Industry Supplier conference call on 6/10, and an EXPO & Exhibit Orientation ZOOM® video call on 6/17. The Expo Space Builder Training & Tour with 6Connex will be 7/29 with plenty of time to upload your brand and content. All event details will be circulated prior to the events.

Post Event Bonus: MARKET DAY. We’ve added a special market day for you to use as another promo opportunity to meet-n-greet. Your digital exhibit is active until April 30, 2021. Then we all focus buyers & sellers on what’s ahead. Never look back. Onward.


Dylan Prep

"NPA continues to show the kind of leadership the parking industry needs. They have changed my perception on this industry. I now use NPA as the industry standard, they demonstrate confidence and strength and are the association we need."
-David Sparks, CMO, Space Genius, March 21

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