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Our FAQs resulted from industry supplier peer calls and one to one calls to bring you answers to real-world questions about the online EXPO.

No, it’s completely different. We all value relationships and in person—that’s a given. But, technology can be powerful and we can’t let a year go by where we don’t make the most of a chance to meet—so digital it is. And, with digital you get traffic reports, leads and strong tools & info to continue your client outreach.

Yes. PMX LIVE is live 24/7, but to focus attendee attention—we will have focused expo hours. You can schedule booth staff and private meetings with clients at any time.

We will provide a “toolkit” with a LinkedIn Frame, email signature and email header you can use in your marketing and social media to promote your exhibit, appointment hours, product demos and even an in-house customer chat to bring attendees together. Learn about Exhibit Benefits.

During the event, we can promote your exhibit enhancements such as prize points/activities, infomercial in the schedule, product demo on the video wall and thought leadership in the Download Center. All are upgrades that drive clicks, traffic, downloads and leads to your team for during & after the show.

We will cross promote in Parking Magazine, on the PMX LIVE website and in emails pre-event. We drive attention to exhibitors through the Expo Lobby, Expo Categories/Room Listing and signs, avatars wearing your brand and sponsor recognition in the lobby and Expo Hall. Everything is clickable. In addition, if you offer customer service hours for a customer Q&A or Case Study chat, those are promotable as exhibit drivers.

To focus attendees’ attention on product/service categories and make it easy to browse exhibits and give a sense of flow. Attendees should be able to find you easily.

Being present and active in a 3D exhibit, you will maintain a market connection with existing and prospective clients. You get powerful stats on attendees. You can market appointments to parking pros already planning to be at the event. And, you get powerful ways to project your brand, thought leadership & connection.

You'll get in front of prospects with these exhibit items, depending on your exhibit level: 1) video; 2) chat; 2) product brochures; 3) case studies in the Download Center; 4) product demos on the “Video Wall”; and 5) ZOOM® .

The Easter Egg is a hidden graphic image that is an exhibit enhancement. Limited quantity available. The Easter Egg hunt encourages an attendee to visit your exhibit and find the Easter Egg to get points or a prize. It’s a traffic driver. The PMX LIVE game and sponsored prizes encourage traffic by awarding attendees prize points for visiting exhibits and taking actions inside the event.

So, you can choose what’s right for you in your NPA engagement—whether it’s PMX LIVE 2020, Convention & Expo 2021 or a significant refund. We believe in the value of the digital event in 2020 & hope you do, too. But, no matter what, “The Choice is Yours.” We are all in this together and value the relationships we’ve all built and will continue to build now & in the future. #ParkingStrong.

The event will be online until April 30, 2021—then it will close. Why? It’s an event. And, a long shelf life gets stale. So, we want everyone to have plenty of access, but then wind it down for our whole community to focus on what’s new & next in 2021.

Interested in converting to PMX LIVE?
Contact NPA Director of Business Development, Stacy Hudson, CEM, at or 202-470-6302.

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