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NPA Expo Policy, May 2020

We Believe in the Power of Choice. You're in the driver’s seat to choose your way to meet the parking industry for marketing & sales opportunities.

NPA is Hosting PMX LIVE in 2020. We are not hosting the Convention & Expo in 2020, due to the pandemic. We have shifted gears to host an all new, online event PMX LIVE. We believe powerful collaboration tools, a sophisticated design and high-value, back to business sessions will draw parking pros. 

We hope you will see the benefit & join us. Take a look at the Exhibit Benefits and Exhibitor FAQs to learn about the expo. Exhibitor benefits feature traffic drivers and analytics to aid your marketing and sales efforts.


PMX LIVE Expo  |  Exhibit Benefits  |  Terms & Conditions  |  FAQs

"The Choice is Yours"

  1. Convert your original booth to a digital exhibit space.
  2. Transfer your booth purchase to “future booth” at the Las Vegas 2021 show.
  3. Donate your deposit to #ParkingStrong to support PMX LIVE attendee scholarships.
  4. Or, opt for an 85% refund instead.

Stacy We’re Here to Help. For new & existing exhibitors NPA's Director of Business Development, Stacy Hudson, CEM, can help you. Reach Stacy at 202-470-6302 or StacyHudson@weareparking.org.

For all our existing exhibitors. Thank you for being such an important part of the industry. If you already purchased a booth this year, Stacy will reach out personally to help you apply “The Choice is Yours” option that’s right for you. All exhibitors who signed up for an in-person booth will receive firm logo & company description on Convention web pages for the Expo.

Apply a Credit. If your booth conversion to a digital exhibit produces a credit, you can apply the credit to exhibit upgrades, a sponsorship, a refund, or you can pay it forward as a donation to #ParkingStrong for PMX LIVE attendee scholarships for those in need.

The Choice is Yours: If You’re In…You Win!

Convert your booth to PMX LIVE and reach parking decisions makers who are getting back to business. Be parking’s supplier of choice.

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