ROI Tips

Return on Your NPA Convention Investment

It’s your career. Take charge of your professional development and advocate for knowledge that supports you as a parking leader.

  Learning at Convention
  1. You can earn a skills certificate and bring back new knowledge in a parking domain as an added value.
  2. Communicate the value of training hours, new knowledge, and the savings of advance member rates vs. on-site rates – a 40% savings.
  3. Emphasize the reasonable hotel costs as low as $129 per night.
    (Book your stay early to secure a room.)
  4. Prepare to bring back key insights to share trends and best practices as a presentation or team email to share knowledge with your colleagues
  5. At Convention, you can fast track progress to earn the Certified Parking Professional (CPP) designation by attending the CPP educational course to aid you in study preparation, subject matter knowledge, and peer group support.

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