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Mobility Ops

Digital and cloud-based PARCs systems are transforming parking’s “back of house” operations providing better insight and analysis for parking operators and their clients. The mobility track will focus on how parking operators are using marketing, smart technology, mobile apps, and shared data platforms to connect with customers and provide them with a frictionless and contact less parking experience, that improves their bottom line. View the Full Program Schedule

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Educational Sessions Include:

Digital Wallets: How These Payment Platforms Are Changing Parking
Digital Tipping 101: What Every Parking Organization Needs to Know
Loss Prevention & Enforcement: Using Real-Time Data to Drive Revenues
RFP Management 2.0: Getting in the Room & Closing the Deal
The New Normal: Generating Revenue in the Post-Pandemic Market
Valet Operations: Teams, Trends, and Hi-Touch Service
Parking Design & Operations: New Standards
Cyber Parker: How One Parking Built the IMF’s PARCS & Data System
Cracking the Branding Nut: Tactics For Developing a Killer Brand
Back to the Future: What I Got Right (and Wrong) About Parking

Digital Wallets: How These Payment Platforms Are Changing Parking

Monday, September 18 | 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
The smartphone has become the de facto wallet for many Americans, thanks to the rise of digital wallets and their innate built-in convenience and unmatched security. 

More and more merchants are offering digital wallets as a means of payment because they see the consumer demand and value it provides their businesses. 

Learn what this growing trend toward digital means for the parking ecosystem. Hear how parking operators must adapt and meet the consumer where they are – on their phone or in their digital wallet.  

Join us for an educational session that investigates these key issues and lays out the framework for giving tech-hungry consumers the payment experience they demand, so they keep coming back as repeat, loyal customers and boosting the bottom line.

This program will: 
• Identify the new mobile parkers  their digital payment trends and behaviors.
• Explore the benefits and opportunities provided by digital wallets for both consumers and merchants.
• Explain how to deliver a seamless digital payment experience to create repeat and loyal customers.

Kacey Siskind Kacey Siskind


Digital Tipping 101: What Every Parking Organization Needs to Know

Monday, September 18 | 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
Hear what every parking operator needs to know about establishing, managing, and leveraging a digital tipping program for your operation. The session will examine how to launch a digital tipping program and the benefits and responsibilities of both employees and employers. It will demonstrate how to communicate that program to customers, clients, and other stakeholders. It will provide an overview of tipping as remuneration even for those who plan to stay with a cash-based program.      

This program will:
• Provide actionable takeaways for either launching a tipping program or optimizing an existing one.
• Provide a primer on tipping and remuneration.   

Brian Hassan Brian Hassan
Co-Founder & Co-CEO


Loss Prevention & Enforcement: Using Real-Time Data to Drive Revenues  

Monday, September 18 | 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM
Hear how commercial operator EasyPark has reinvented its loss prevention operations. Through clever use of technology and data management, it has increased revenue, both in daily parking and violations.. 

The program will examine how EasyPark has integrated five separate mobile apps and expanded parking enforcement without the need for LPR vehicles. The company will provide an overview of its enforcement dashboards and share the challenges and learnings from this project.  

This program will:
• Explore how to use technology to maximize revenue. 
• Explain why enforcement is really loss prevention.
• Clarify the metrics behind parking turnover and how to determine how many new parkers are needed each hour.

Ravinder Baines Ravinder Bains
Director, Client Services


RFP Management 2.0: Getting in the Room & Closing the Deal

Monday, September 18 | 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
Request for Proposals – RFPs – are the lifeblood of any parking operation’s business development team, offering the potential for new customers, new opportunities, and new revenue. 

So, you made it through the RFP bid process, now what? Learn how to successfully make your pitch, highlight your strengths, and close the deal once you are you are in the room where it happens.

This program will help you:
• Develop your 30 second “elevator pitch.” 
• Identify key strengths to play to in any given bid situation. 
• Learn to differentiate your bid from the “pack.”
• Ask for the opportunity and win the deal.
• Discover how to ask the key questions that can demonstrate your value to a client.      

John Oglesby John Oglesby
The Parking Whisperer


The New Normal: Generating Revenue in the Post-Pandemic Market

Tuesday, September 19 | 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM
Customer usage has shifted dramatically from historic trends. Many primary demand generators that locations depended on for business in the past have closed, causing off-peak nights and weekends to suffer. Can the parking industry increase revenue in light of this new trend?

Join a panel of NPA thought leaders who will talk through best practices and creative solutions to help drive revenue in this new normal. The panel will examine dynamic pricing tools, new parking products, and other yield management tactics aimed at maximizing yield-per-stall and increasing turnover. 
This program will:
• Explore new pricing tools and models so you do not leave a dime on the table.
• Examine the creative use of parking lots and mix of business.
• Explain the role of technology and data management in maximizing yield.  

Dani Crain Dani Crain
Director of Implementation, Parking & Mobility
Oak View Group
Chris Everton Chris Everton
VP Product & Partnerships
Shaun Kirby Shaun Kirby
President & CEO
Edison ParkFast


Valet Operations: Teams, Trends, and Hi-Touch Service 

Tuesday, September 19 | 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
Valet Operations has the highest level of customer interaction in the industry: We’re literally sitting in your car! Hear how valet operators are reimagining hi-touch service across their vertical markets, from hospitals to hotels, using clever technology, new communication tools, and old-fashioned attention to detail.

The program will examine the key interactions with a typical customer:  
• Friendly Greeting – “We want your business.”
• Directions and Information – “Here’s what you’ll need to know and where you’ll need to go.”
• Transaction: “Credit card will do nicely.”
• Resolution: “Oh, I’m sorry about that, here’s what I can do for you.”
• Other Action: “It’s no trouble. We can take care of that for you.”  

Gary Lewis Gary W. Lewis
Vice President of Operations
Park Inc.
Monique Dodds Monique Dodd
Prestige Valet and Parking 


Parking Design & Operations: New Standards 

Wednesday, September 20 | 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM
NPA’s Dimension in Parking publication is the most comprehensive single source of data on the entire parking design and build process. A new 6th edition is planned to be released in 2024. Hear an advanced briefing on this publication from the book’s leading contributors and editor. 

The publication will contain significant updates to many chapters, including a new chapter on EV charging issues.           

About Dimensions in Parking 
Dimension in Parking includes chapters on parking studies and demand; zoning requirements; financial feasibility and financing; parking geometrics; wayfinding; safety, security and secure design; lighting; building codes; operations and management; and maintenance.

Jerry Marcus Jerry Marcus
President & Owner
The Parking Advisory Group, NPA Board Director
Andrew Sachs

Andrew Sachs
Gateway Parking Services


Cyber Parker: How One Parking Built the IMF’s PARCS & Data System

Wednesday, September 20 | 9:00 AM  9:45 AM

Learn how automated operating systems, clever data, and cyber security expertise allowed One Parking to build a state-of-the-art PARCs system for the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Washington, DC, headquarters.

In this case study of the parking program at the IMF, learn how to navigate challenges such as security, organizational culture, change management, and the new requirements of a hybrid workforce. Hear how, during the lull of COVID, the IMF worked with PARCS trailblazers, cybersecurity and privacy experts, and One Parking, Inc. to design a customized, highly secure yet independent parking solution in preparation of the post-pandemic return of employees. Gain a deep understanding of this process and how analysis, collaboration, and innovation delivered success. 

Mark Pratt Mark Pratt
President / COO
One Parking
Jenny Heynes Jenny Heyns, CISSP, CISM, CISA, CDPSE, CIPT
Sr. VP of Information Systems
CSR Privacy Solutions, Inc.
York David York
Project Officer
International Monetary Fund


Cracking the Branding Nut: Tactics for Developing a Killer Brand

Wednesday, September 20 | 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM
Do parking operators really need a distinct brand? There is brand recognition among consumers for parking apps, but generally not for the operating companies. Does this matter or are apps the “back door” for operator to establish a “killer brand"?            

Hear the schools of thought around this issue and learn what it takes to establish a brand presence in the marketplace. The program will explore how to determine what your brand is right now. It will examine how much you should spend on brand marketing and ask, “What does it mean to build a brand-fueled growth engine?"

This program will:
• Explain why brand-building is a proactive process.
• Explore the impact of your brand work on customer acquisition and bottom-line revenue.
• Illuminate what some of the most successful brands in parking and parallel industries are doing today.

Heidi Barber Heidi Barber
VP of Marketing
Parker Technology
Sarah Becherer Sarah Becherer
VP Marketing
RJ Juliano RJ Juliano
SVP, Chief Information & Marketing Officer
Parkway Corporation


Back to the Future: What I Got Right (and Wrong) About Parking

Wednesday, September 20 | 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

The Year: 2017. Parking Predictions: Bold. Curve Ball: 2020. 

In 2017, former NPA Parking Cconsultants Chair Jerry Marcus made a lot of predictions about the outlook for parking in the years ahead.

Mobility Hubs, TNCs, drone deliveries, dark kitchens and more were all touted as the coming thing.

Then 2020 hit.

Join “Doc Marcus" as he fires up the DeLorean again to take another swing at the future! And Great Scott – what has he discovered this time?!   

Hear insights from one of the industry’s truly original thought leaders as he shares the latest trends and developments in parking and mobility and get your future right!     

Jerry Marcus Jerry Marcus
President & Owner
The Parking Advisory Group
NPA Board Director








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