Exhibitor Toolbox

This is your opportunity to let the parking and mobility industry know that you will be exhibiting at the NPA Convention & Expo this year!  We encourage you to use this graphic on your company website, social media pages and even in print!  This banner can also be used as your email signature graphic, (linking back to the convention website, specifically your online listing)


How to Use:
  • Right click the graphic in the window that opens in the links below > Save As
  • Select JPEG or PNG file format and click Save
  • When using the 2023 banner be sure to link the image to the NPAConvention.org URL by right hand clicking on the image and selecting the hyperlink option.  Place the NPAConvention.org URL in the address field and select ok.
  • Post and use as many times as you like between now and the Convention.

For Social Media Use:
  • Click File > Save As
  • Select JPEG or PNG file format and click Save
  • Post on social media and include #NPAExpo 
  • Tag NPA and any contacts who may be interested. You can find NPA at:
    • Twitter: @WeAreParking
    • Facebook: National Parking Association (@nationalparkingassociation)
    • LinkedIn: National Parking Association (@national-parking-association)

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