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The Business Intelligence track will focus on the latest industry research, business trends, and thought-leadership in parking, mobility, and the wider business world. View the Full Program Schedule

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Key Sessions Include:

Real Estate Trends Shaping Parking
NPA Futures 2023 Series: Electrification | Digitization | Personalization
Smart Cities: Setting the Stage for Mobility
Leveraging Technology & People to Drive Exceptional Experiences
Reinventing Parking Management
The Comeback Kid: How One Parking Paved Its Road to Recovery
Plugged In: What Every Parking Operator Needs to Know About EVs


Real Estate Trends Shaping Parking

Monday, September 18 | 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM

Parking entrepreneurs are involved in a wide range of real estate developments and investments, from mixed-use projects to the repurposing of existing parking assets. Hear the latest business intelligence on real estate values, asset management developments, and the opportunities for parking asset owners.

The program will examine the full cycle of real estate management, from land development usage to the timing of any prospective sale. It will also explore the advantages and disadvantages of partnerships, leases, and joint ventures (JVs).   

This program will examine: 
• How to position surface parking lots for sale and development.
• How to understand the true value of underlying land using: 

o Market Analysis
o Zoning Analysis
o Comp Analysis

• The optimal point of inflection on value for a sale or asset disposal. 
• The benefits and downsides when partnering with other developers or real estate partners.
• The different types of joint ventures and lease structures for real estate disposition.

Brian Berson Brian Berson
Parkway Corporation

NPA Futures 2023: Electrification

Monday, September 18 | 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM

There are many upstream and downstream costs associated with an EV charging stations investment. Learn the true cost behind EV charging from those who have made that investment and are reaping the rewards.

Chicago’s Millennium Garages crunched the numbers on EV charging stations, diving deep into the minutiae of details to really understand what they were buying. Hear their story and lessons learned, and profit from their homework.

This program will explore:
• How urban and campus mobility in 2023 is playing catch-up as EV adoption is accelerating faster than the installation of chargers
• The key questions that parking operators should ask themselves and their suppliers
• Assess power requirements to support EV charging stations and the cost and time to implement
• Type 1 and Type 2 chargers: what type, what configuration, why
• Battery storage solutions – opportunities and costs 
• Operational challenges and solutions 
• How parking locations can increase revenue by offer charging and what pricing models to consider  
• The growing financial ecosystem of companies willing to build out EV charging networks

Jamie Ponce Jamie Ponce
Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer
Millennium Garages Concession
Hooman Shahidi Hooman Shahidi
CEO & Co-Founder
EV Passport
Rick West Rick West
Millennium Garages Concession

Smart Cities: Setting the Stage for Mobility

Tuesday, September 19 | 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM

The future of the parking industry will be part of a connected space, where data is shared, aggregated, and managed by a variety of entities both public and private, commercial, and non-profit. This “smart city” development is taking place NOW and will have a profound impact on parking operations, their clients, and consumers. 

Hear how smart cities are planning for the future through public-private partnerships, federal grant money, and other innovative partnerships. 

Jonathon Gifford Jonathan Gifford
Director, Center for Transportation Public-Private Partnership Policy
George Mason University

Leveraging Technology & People to Drive Exceptional Experiences

Tuesday, September 19 | 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM

Technologies such as digital payment, services request platforms, and integrated labor management solutions are all changing how parking operators are doing business and engaging with consumers and their own employees. During this session, the presenter will discuss the role technology plays in a hi-touch, hi-service environment like parking. Is there a sweet spot between technological efficiency and world-class service? 
This program will examine how the success of any technology depends on how deeply it shapes human experience. It will explore: 

• The role of technology solutions in hi-service situations.
• The importance of a data-centric model and how data is used to drive experience and efficiencies, as well as enhance revenue.
• Potential applications to non-parking-related service activities and experiences.    
• Examples of how Towne Park uses its technology solutions to enhance the client, customer, and employee experience.

John Oglesby John Oglesby
The Parking Whisperer
Jack Chang

Jack Chang
Chief Technology Officer
Towne Park


NPA Futures 2023: Digitization 

Tuesday, September 19 | 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

A range of digital tools and products are transforming parking management, significantly reducing costs, and improving efficiency in operations. This session will explore how everything from PARCS systems to elevators can be connected via the Internet of Things (IoT) to centrally manage and control a parking facility. In addition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are already making an impact on parking operations What are the costs, the savings, and the benefits of these changes?          

This program will explore how:

  • The use of AI in security cameras can improve safety.
  • Digital systems can be connected to a central building automation system (“BAS”) to centralized management and monitor uptime.
  • AI can be successfully used in customer service situations.
  • The use of AI can query parking data and other tip of the spear trends.
  • The results of digitization can improve service AND reduce electrical usage.
Jeff Eckerling Jeff Eckerling
Chief Growth Officer
Kevin Bopp Kevin Bopp
Park Rite
RJ Juliano RJ Juliano
SVP, Chief Information & Marketing Officer
Parkway Corporation
Dan Roarty Dan Roarty
Chief Operating Officer

The Comeback Kid: How One Parking Paved Its Road to Recovery

Wednesday, September 20 | 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM

Learn how One Parking fueled its road to recovery post COVID with clever technology, savvy marketing, and a keen understanding of local markets and clients.

In 2022, NPA commissioned a Road to Recovery report from Ernst & Young, seeking to outline the recovery of the parking industry from the financial ravages of COVID.

Hear how One Parking president Mark Pratt used that report to benchmark improvements within his own company. By year’s end, One Parking had surpassed the key Monthly Parker Index for revenue and was quickly improving against other benchmarks. Mark will share his thoughts about the accuracy and use of this critical report to help you envision your own comeback against the insights and predictions contained within. 
Mark Pratt Mark Pratt
President / COO
One Parking

NPA Futures 2023: Personalization

Wednesday, September 20 | 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM

Parking will become increasingly “personal” in the near future by providing operators the ability to take their customers literally from point A to a parking spot in point B. Learn how these new wayfinding tools and communication devices can improve the customer experience, add client value, and improve revenues. 
This program will explore how: 

  • Enhanced driver navigation systems will provide turn-by-turn directions to the closest unoccupied parking space.
  • Traditional signage wayfinding will be modernized using LED lighting that will also enhance the image of the garage and appeal to all customers.
  • Next steps in wayfinding will integrate with navigation including assisting disabled to open HP space
  • New group accounts will use wayfinding video for turn-by-turn pedestrian directions, connecting their office destination to their parking destination.
Manuel Claval Manuel Clavel
Clavel Arquitectos (architects)
Ryan Kern Ryan Kern
VP/GM Consumer & Events Business
Colleen Niese Colleen M. Niese
Colonial Parking (DC)

Reinventing Parking Management

Wednesday, September 20 | 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM
Join three industry thought leaders as they explore the paradigm shifts happening in the parking industry, reinventing how they manage their enterprises, run their business operations, and serve their customers.  

They will discuss the challenges and opportunities these changes present for operators, technology companies, equipment vendors, asset owners, and other sectors of the parking industry. Hear how these shifting paradigms are driving their business strategies and, in the process, moving parking from an analog service industry to a digital technology business.

This is an open and informal roundtable discussion led by experts in which audience participation is heavily encouraged. Come grab the mic and share your insights!

Jonathon Barkl Jonathon Barkl
Co-Founder & CEO
Ethan Glass Ethan Glass
CEO & Founder
Alex Israel Alex Israel
Ben Montgomery Ben Montgomery
Premium Parking 

Plugged In: What Every Parking Operator Needs to Know About EVs

Wednesday, September 20 | 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
EVs are coming to a parking operation like yours. But how many EVs? When? And crucially, how can a parking operator monetize this significant investment?     

Hear from experts who will provide real guidance and insight into successful adoption of EVs, along with the technology and equipment needed to support them.

During the program they will examine the right type of charging technology to pursue, and the infrastructure behind it. They will also address how to monetize a charging program, and the various payment platforms to support them. Finally, they will cover the operational challenges around EVs, including fire risk, ADA issues, and other factors. 

John Horton John Horton
Senior Vice President of Sales – North America
Shaun Kirby Shaun Kirby
President & Chief Operating Officer
Edison ParkFast 
Matthew McCaffree Matthew McCaffree
Vice President, Utility Market Development
Julie McKenna Julie McKenna
Manager, Site Acquisition
Electrify America 
Carl Schneeman Carl L. Schneeman, P.E.
Managing Principal
Walker Consultants 


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