NPA-NASCAR Challenge With Alex Labbé

Thursday, September 21 | 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

NPA Speedway | Expo Hall


Can a NASCAR driver learn the skills to be a top-rated valet driver?
Can a valet driver beat a NASCAR driver at the NPA Speedway?  

  Alex Labbe wave2

Alex Labbe with racing car
“Fast and Furious vs. Safety and Service” Valet Challenge  

Watch as some of the industry’s top-rated valet drivers teach NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Alex Labbé how to be a valet driver, right on the NPA show floor! Alex will learn the steps to be a safe and courteous valet driver and show his skills on Valet Drive, NPA's specially designed valet remote control course, driving from our “hotel cochère” to the “parking lot” and back. Can he beat the best that NPA has to offer? See it with your own eyes!

NASCAR Simulator Race

Alex will take our valet drivers to the NPA Speedway where he will demonstrate his fast and furious driving skills and challenge our drivers to a NASCAR race! Can they beat Alex’s posted race time? Who will win?

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