Skill Builder Sessions

Special Opportunity! Before the rush of Convention learning and networking begins, reserve some time to work on your professional skillset and career profile. These two sessions will help you hone your personal brand and gain confidence in the art of problem-solving.



Sharpening Your Personal Brand to Move Ahead into 2023

Sunday, September 18, 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Parking professionals know that developing a personal brand can be a huge asset in building a career profile.

Learn how to use and exploit LinkedIn and other social media platforms to build and maintain your personal brand. The session will demonstrate easy-to-take steps that attendees can implement immediately.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to make meaningful connections and use your network to build your brand
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile by adding a professional profile picture and developing a profile headline
  • Why it is important to publish content on LinkedIn to showcase your thought leadership
  • How you customize your feed so that you can follow those who matter most
  • Other tips to leverage your presence on social media

Creative Problem Solving for Parking…And Life

Sunday, September 18, 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Problem-solving is more than just “brainstorming” or “inspiration.” There is an entire creative process behind it. Understand that process and you can apply it anywhere, anytime.

Discover creative problem-solving techniques to address the various challenges that arise in your work.

In this interactive session, participants will review some of the typical challenges that parking operators face, and explore how to develop their solutions – thoughtfully, systematically, and from every angle:

  • Difficult clients or stakeholders? Find out how to get buy-in and engagement.
  • Unreasonable customer behavior? Learn how to change the emotion and focus on solutions.
  • Challenging work environments? Explore how to take a fresh perspective.

Working in small groups participants will “workshop” problems and get the opportunity to put solutions into practice. Bring a big notebook: you’ll need it.


Julie Dixon
Dixon Resources

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