Marketing & Social Media Track


Focuses on tech stacks, web platforms, technology-driven mobility solutions, and consumer engagement tactics. The program covers dynamic pricing, consumer research, and digital adoption.


Marketing & Social Media Track Sessions:

Demand Management, Dynamic Pricing, & How to Maximize Rev Par

The Acceleration of Digital Adoption: What’s Next?

Successful Consumer Engagement Tactics Drive Revenue

Global Perspectives on Digital Parking: Trends & Technologies to Watch

The Emergence of the Hybrid Parker: Now What?

The Millennialization of Parking: Capturing the Tech Savvy Consumer

Demand Management, Dynamic Pricing, & How to Maximize Rev Par

Monday, September 19, 8:00 - 9:00 AM

Looking for ways to maximize revenue per space? It’s possible by leveraging dynamic pricing tools, real-time data, and “floorplan” budgets. This in-depth session will examine how to critically analyze your parking operation from the ground up. It will explore how to properly floor plan the space to maximize potential occupancy. And, it will outline how to use dynamic pricing tools to manage yield and increase revenues.


Andrew Sachs
Gateway Parking Services


Mark Pratt
One Parking


Wen Sang
Smarking Inc  


The Acceleration of Digital Adoption: What’s Next?

Monday, September 19, 9:00 - 10:00 AM

Hear what the next paradigm shift in consumer behavior will be and what parking operators can do to predict customer expectations.

The pandemic created an increase in demand for contactless payment options, and the parking industry rapidly responded with a range of solutions and products.

A challenge for operators now is not only how to deliver these products but also how to identify the best solutions at each stage of consumer adoption.

As consumer behavior evolves, will parking operators be nimble enough to respond to these changes and what intel or research can they to look to stay ahead of the consumer curve?

This session will offer perspectives from the industry’s leading tech gurus.


Jeff Eckerling
Chief Growth Officer

Patrick Ryan
Vice President Innovation
LAZ Parking


Successful Consumer Engagement Tactics Drive Revenue

Monday, September 19, 3:00 - 4:00 PM

A primary focus for most private operators is capturing revenue for owners and efficiently managing resources and expenses. This doesn't happen by accident; It takes a concerted effort to drive repeat business, attain new clients and balance technology, people, and process.

Understand how crucial engagement tactics can capture every dollar, deliver a great customer experience, and maintain a positive reputation in the eyes of your clients.

In this session, Austin-based Peak Parking will walk through the effective methods they use for generating revenue, efficiently managing resources, and establishing a positive reputation.

They’ll share how each of these measures can drive organizational success in your business and lay a foundation for consistent, long-term growth.



Will Spielhagen
Peak Parking

Brian Wolff
Parker Technology


Global Perspectives on Digital Parking: Trends & Technologies to Watch

Monday, September 19, 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Hear how the most successful trends and technologies across the globe will impact the parking business.

As the industry matures and a wider variety of qualified paid parking solutions emerge, it’s not enough to simply have a functional digital parking option. Features and services, not price, are becoming the leading driver for consumer choice.

This shift is prompting many cities around the world to focus less on digital adoption and more on improving the overall parking experience.

This informative session will:

  • Examine how providing customers with more flexibility and choice is proving critical to creating a superior parking experience.
  • Demonstrate how to leverage parking data to make better curbside management decisions and more livable cities
  • Outline how a growing number of European cities are embracing a multivendor approach to digital adoption.


David Hoyt
Chief Revenue Officer

Martin Sandström
Chief of Staff


The Emergence of the Hybrid Parker: Now What?

Wednesday, September 21, 9:00 - 9:45 AM

A new type of parking customer is emerging post-pandemic: not quite daily, not quite monthly, but all online, connected, and ready to buy your services. What are parking operators doing to successfully serve these customers as well as meet client needs?

Join a diverse group of parking professionals representing private operators, city parking managers, and campus administrators, as they discuss how they manage these hybrid customers and what products they have developed to meet both their needs and their clients.

This program will discuss flex-pass type programs, shared parking passes, and other differential products to serve this new market segment.

An open-mic discussion will follow the presentation.



Kacey Siskind
Senior Vice President Sales
Honk Mobile



Tony La
Chief Technology Officer

Brad Lang
Regional Vice President
Platinum Parking

David Sharrar
President & CEO
City Parking



The Millennialization of Parking: Capturing the Tech Savvy Consumer

Wednesday, September 21, 10:00 - 10:45 AM

There is a new age of parking and tenant engagement technologies for a new generation of consumers. The tech is easy to use, embedded in mobile devices, very convenient, and many consumers enjoy using them.

The new technology also allows operators to meet consumers where they are, but once you have them, now what?

This panel of mobility and proptech marketers moderated by FLASH Marketing SVP Sabrin Zahn will explore how operators can leverage different tools to help de-anonymize consumers, so operators can better serve them, drive loyalty, as well as drive more revenue. 


Sabrina Zahn
Senior Marketing Director


Thru Shivakumar
CEO and Founder

Joe Leung
VP of Parking & Mobility
Oak View Group

Casey Vermette
Sr. Director of Sales & Customer Success

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