Keynote: Drive Profit With Purpose

Join friends, colleagues, and peers for NPA’s new Opening Event & Awards Program. Hear the latest industry and association news, recognize, and applaud NPA’s awards winners, and declare the NPA Expo Hall open and ready for business!


The featured keynote speaker is brand marketing expert and former Adidas and Microsoft executive, Kathy Varol. Learn Kathy’s 4-Step Brand Purpose Model and apply it to engage your organization, inspire innovation, and win the hearts of your customers.

Kathy asks: How do you attract top talent? How do you increase profitability?
Kathy answers: You do something remarkable. Purpose makes brands remarkable.

In this dynamic keynote, you will learn:
  • The 7 common mistakes in creating a purpose-led organization
  • Why a corporate social responsibility department won’t get you the impact – or the credit – you want
  • How to get the best talent knocking on your door and have the most engaged employees
  • Why doing good is the magic bullet to get the most powerful form of advertising (for free!)

If you're competing in a crowded market, struggling with a talent shortage or high turnover, and wondering how to create differentiation in the marketplace - this opening event is for you!

About the Presenter:

Kathy Varol is an expert at driving profit with purpose. Kathy created the Global Purpose (corporate social responsibility) strategy for adidas, a 22 billion dollar global company. Now Kathy helps her clients use purpose to stand out in a competitive environment, attract the best talent, gain consumer loyalty, and fully harness the innovative brain power of their employees (innovation that keeps them miles ahead of the competition). She shares her deep knowledge and “how to” with clients, so they can skip the hard lessons and go straight to strategies that work.

Kathy has 20 years of experience across brand marketing, strategy and impact, working at established brands like adidas, MillerCoors and Microsoft.

Through her experience, Kathy has developed a repeatable 4-step process to become a purpose-led brand: The Brand Purpose Model. When businesses embed purpose into the heart of their strategy, they don’t just disrupt their industry. They also bring humanity into the workplace, shape the future, and impact the world.

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