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ReinventIt’s all about getting back to business and reinventing parking, mobility, curb management and demand. Find out Straight Talk to reinvent your business and navigate change in a dynamic environment. The sessions cover: economic trends, transportation & mobility demand, rapid tech changes, shifting consumer preferences, business intelligence & case studies.


Reinvent Track Sessions:

Case Study: Integrating Software, Lighting & Parking Guidance for Maximum ROI >>

How to Leverage EV Charging Infrastructure >>

EV or LPG: What's Right for Your Fleet? >>

Rethinking Contactless Payments: It’s Time to Skip the App Store >>

One Stop Shop: Data & A Central Tech Stack for Parking Management >>

Demand Shift: Leveraging Commuter Patterns to Optimize Your Parking Programs >>

Mobility Master Planning & the Return to Work Parking-Demand >>

COVID and the Consumer: Where Parking Goes Next >>

Back to Campus: How Universities & Hospitals Price & Manage Mobility >>

Innovation Strategy for the Parking Industry >>

Parking 2030: The Future of Mobility & AI the Impact of Google, Amazon & Apple>> 

Parking 2030: CO2 and Greening Up Parking>>

Case Study: Integrating Software, Lighting & Parking Guidance for Maximum ROI
Monday, September 27, 12:30 PM

Hear how to maximize the ROI on a parking facility upgrade using a clever mix of technology, software and a critical evaluation tool. In this informative session you will learn how the City of Arlington Heights won the sustainability trifecta of low lighting costs, better lighting control, and a parking guidance system all in one tailored package. This interactive session will guide attendees through the process that the city took in evaluating the economic, environmental, safety and security, and marketing benefits of upgrading their parking structure.

The program will provide a step-by-step guide to this process and outline the key questions any parking facility should answer when approaching this type of investment.


Jeff Pinyot

Jeff Pinyot
ECO Parking Technologies


How to Leverage EV Charging Infrastructure
Monday, September 27, 2:00 PM

Understand some of the key factors affecting car manufacturers, parking operators, and drivers in meeting the demand for EV charging and learn what actions the industry can take today to prepare for the rapid uptake in this technology.

The session will demonstrate how charging and the parking industry are interlinked and how intelligent parking systems, accurate data, payments and navigation all need to work in harmony in a connected future.

The program will also:

  • Provide a market update on the parking and EV industries post Covid-19
  • Demonstrate how digital connected services will transform the existing driver experience and how operators can make parking and charging a seamless experience.
  • Review the latest indoor mapping technology and show how it can provide end-to-end precise navigation to indoor parking spaces and EV chargers, without the use of GPS.


Eugene Tsyrklevich headshotEugene Tsyrklevich
Founder and CEO


Hans PuvogelHans-Hendrik Puvogel


EV or LPG: What's Right for Your Fleet?
Monday, September 27, 3:00 PM

Many states are proposing full electrification of medium- and heavy-duty trucks by 2050 in order to reach zero emissions targets. Is this the right choice for your fleet? And how do you evaluate that? This informative session lifts the hood on the alternative energy debate and outlines what fleet managers should take into consideration when making this type of investment.

The program will identify the key metrics to consider when selecting an alternative energy source, including total cost-of-ownership with real-world cost comparisons of various fuels/energy source vehicles and full-fuel-cycle emission profiles.

It will also help you think more critically about where energy comes from and the emissions that are produced not only when a vehicle is in operation, but from every energy source that got that vehicle on the road.


John GrodenJohn Groden
CPP, Vice President
Colonial Airport Parking


Stephen WhaleyStephen Whaley
Propane Education & Research Council


Rethinking Contactless Payments: It’s Time to Skip the App Store
Monday, September 27, 4:00 PM

Seemingly overnight in 2020, contactless payments went from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have. According to Mastercard, 75% of consumers prefer using contactless over other forms of payment. But not every customer wants to download yet another app. So how should parking operators respond? Take a deep dive into the technology trends and the tools being developed to deliver drivers touch-free, convenient ways to pay for parking in this information-packed program.

The program will:

  • Examine the trends and make forecasts in consumer payment behavior
  • Outline the key steps in a holistic, contactless payments strategy to drive customer satisfaction and adoption
  • Identify the cost difference between traditional hardware and contactless infrastructure

The session will also examine the ‘bonus’ side effect that new contactless payments will have on the bottom line in providing a decreased reliance on hardware, saving owners and operators time and money.


Kacey Siskind
Senior Vice President, HonkMobile

Ryan Hawken headshotRyan Hawken
Managing Partner
Secure Parking USA


Kristen Sokich
EVP North East
Propark America


One Stop Shop: Data & A Central Tech Stack for Parking Management
Tuesday, September 28, 9:45 AM

As parking customers and clients continue to demand faster, touchless, and more intuitive technology, it becomes necessary to not only be able to offer advanced capabilities but to offer a broad selection of smart, high-quality options to eliminate the need to shop multiple sources.

In this informative session, Chief Growth Officer at SP+ Jeff Eckerling demonstrates why the technologies that parking operators offer need to be interoperable, adaptable, and data-rich to address the unique needs of a specific parking location or individual client.

The program will:

  • Examine the consumer behavioral evolution that has forced parking facilities to adapt their technology from data-based info to address the “how did we get here” issue
  • Explore the broad range of technological solutions to meet the specific needs of a facility/location
  • Demonstrate the value to parking operators in expanding their technology capabilities and offering multiple services as a single-source provider


Jeff EckerlingJeff Eckerling
Chief Growth Officer


Demand Shift: Leveraging Commuter Patterns to Optimize Your Parking Programs
Tuesday, September 28, 11:00 AM

Parkers are back but not as we knew them. New parking patterns have emerged in cities, in CBD’s, at hotels, restaurants, and at other locations. Are these changes permanent, or are they temporary? What tools can parking operators employ to leverage these changes and maximize revenue?

Join a panel of seasoned parking experts who will provide insights into these new commuting patterns and emerging behaviors.

The program will:

  • Examine entry/exit patterns, session durations, (dwell time) as well as monthly tenant patterns
  • Provide recommendations on monthly programs, pricing strategies, based on the short-term and long-term trends
  • Demonstrate how to leverage granular-level parking data to better develop parking programs, set pricing strategies, and understand your parkers’ needs

Live In-person:

Wen SangDr. Wen Sang
Smarking Inc.


Kevin Bopp
Park Rite

Matt Andrews
Branch Manager
ABM Industries

Rodolfo Pena
Asset Manager, Parking Strategy & Operations



Wen SangDr. Wen Sang
Smarking Inc.


Rodolfo Pena
Asset Manager, Parking Strategy & Operations

Peter Owusu-Opoku
Asset Manager
LaSalle Investment Management

John Carlson
LaSalle Investment Management

Mobility Master Planning & the Return to Work Parking-Demand, Public Transit & Parking 1st
Tuesday, September 28, 3:00 PM

With cities returning to a new normal post-pandemic, city planners and transportation managers are grappling with how to estimate parking demand, public transportation demand and new commuting patterns.

Hear how city mobility planners are revising their master plans, adapting to the new normal and laying plans for a different mobility future in both the downtown core and suburbs. More on sessions for municipal leaders.


Thomas LeathersThomas Leathers
CAPP, Chief Parking Administrator 
City of Durham

Frank ChingFrank Ching
Deputy Executive Officer
LA Metro


COVID and the Consumer: Where Parking Goes Next
Tuesday, September 28, 4:00 PM

Hear the results from the most recent consumer research study about expected changes to consumer mobility habits and learn how these change may impact parking operators.

Parking transaction volumes are returning to pre-COVID levels, but two questions persist: how will COVID change long-term consumer behavior, and what does the future of parking look like?

Join ParkMobile’s Jeff Perkins, CEO, and Brad Goldman, VP Marketing Insights & Analytics, as they discuss these data trends and their implication for the industry.

The program will:

  • Examine parking transactions volume including differential by state and locality
  • Analyze the survey results on consumer mobility and parking use
  • Provide insights into parking volumes, transaction and demand


David Hoyt
Chief Revenue Officer

Brad GoldmanBrad Goldman
VP Marketing Insights & Analytic


Back to Campus: How Universities & Hospitals Price & Manage Mobility
Wednesday, September 29, 9:45 AM

What can healthcare campuses and universities do to transition from crisis management to operating in a “new normal?” If you have not yet modified your approach to mobility on campus, it is time to embrace the E-words: Evolutions in operations to Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness. Join a panel of campus parking executives as they outline the steps they have taken to bring their campuses back online and adapt to a new business environment. More on sessions for university & hospital leaders.

The program will:

  • Examine flexible parking and mobility options on campus as employees return to work partially, full-time or stay remote
  • Demonstrate the new practices in event parking at sports stadiums such as integrated ticketing, pay by-app and reservation-based parking
  • Explore germ-free approaches to mobility for medical centers from arrival to payment
  • Discuss the use of occupancy data in transit to determine ridership needs, additional tripper buses and understand movement around campus locations


Carl DePintoCarl DePinto
Parking and Transportation Service, Duke University




Jeff B. ElseyJeffrey B. Elsey, P.E., CAPP, LEED® AP Project Director


Sarah Blouch
Sarah Blouch

President and Chief Executive Officer
Campus Parc


Innovation Strategy for the Parking Industry
Wednesday, September 29, 11:00 AM

Learn how to develop an innovation strategy for your parking organization by understanding the principles behind innovation itself and the four types of innovative practice. Technology-based innovation is often referred to as disruptive but there is more to innovation beyond its disruption in the marketplace.

This informative program will provide real-world examples of organizations that have implemented an effective innovation strategy. It will provide examples of how this is being done in the parking industry now and how it will be done in the future.

The program will:

  • Review what the 4 types of innovation are
  • Demonstrate the importance of each innovation and when to focus on it
  • Outline how to develop an innovation strategy for your organization


Katherine BeatyKatherine Beaty
VP of Implementation
Tez Technology

Ken Lovegreen headshotKen Lovegreen
Founder and Idea Guy
Tez Technology


2030: The Future of Mobility & AI the Impact of Google, Amazon & Apple 
Wednesday, September 29, 2 PM

Where is it all heading (and who is in the driving seat?) NPA has invited some thought leaders, analysts, and innovators to give us their best look at the next 10 years in mobility. Hear what they have to say about charging stations, dark kitchens, drones, and the role of artificial intelligence in parking.



Alex IsraelAlex Israel
Co-Founder and CEO



Parking 2030: CO2 and Greening Up Parking

Wednesday, September 29, 3 PM

Global 2030 initiatives and climate initiatives from the local to global level are changing the discussion of what it means to be green and what it takes to reduce C02. Find out what this could mean to your operation, budget, and future of positioning your brand.

Learn what steps parking facilities can take to improve sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint, and “green up” their operation. The program will examine successful sustainability initiatives, energy management programs, construction and design issues, and “green” success metrics.


Robert McConnellRobert McConnell

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