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NPA is focused on providing a safe and healthy environment for attendees, exhibitors, and our team at the NPA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas. We are working closely with our partners at the Caesars Forum and the Nevada Convention and Visitors Bureau to develop and implement a comprehensive plan focused on a safe and successful NPA Expo 2021.

Some of the steps we’ve taken so far include:

Touchless Registration

NPA will have multiple “scan & go” registration pods for contactless and speedy reg and badge pick up.

Expo Floor

The expo floor will have 15ft wide aisles and a one-way traffic flow system to provide social distancing and a safe meeting environment for attendees and exhibitors.

Social Events and Conference Meeting Spaces

NPA will follow physical distancing requirements based on a 6-foot radius space separating individuals and physical distancing space per person of approximately 28 sq. ft. This guideline will be followed whenever possible in all areas including the trade show floor, registration area, lobby areas, education sessions, special events, and meeting rooms. (Nevada Guidance @ 3/21)

CDC Guidance

NPA is also following the latest guidance and recommendations for large groups and meetings from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Social Distancing Your Way

NPA Convention Your Way: We will provide different color wrist bands, so you can signal your social distancing preferences in an easy, friendly way.

Pick a band:
Social Distancing
Yellow: Fist Bumps & Elbow Bumps
Green: Handshakes & High Fives


Do I need to wear a mask? Yes. Nevada is requiring masks right now.
Is hand sanitizer available? Yes. We will have hand sanitizer stations at the event.
Is there room for everyone at the Expo? Yes. We have 20-foot-wide aisles — big, open spaces.
What will session seating be like? Seating will be arranged, so you can sit near other attendees or space out to your preference.

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