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AutomateParking responds to COVID with mass adoption of technology and automation. Get insights into the latest trends, tech, mobile apps, frictionless parking systems, data analytics and EV trends shaping the future of parking and mobility.



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How to Deliver A+ Service in an Automated Parking World >>

Filling Parking Spots with the Post-Pandemic Parker >>

The Future of Parking Management: A Multichannel Marketing Approach >>

Amp up ROI with Mobility Partnerships >>

How To Make the Move to a Virtual Permit System >>

Positive Thinking: How Parking Owners Should Prepare for Electric Vehicle >>

New Developments in Digital Signage: Improve Speed to the Space with Dynamic Pricing and Wayfinding

Journey Mapping Crowds to Optimize Parking >>

Valet Restart: COVID Lessons Learned & What's Next? ?>>

Contactless Parking: What it Really Means, How it Really Works >>

How to Deliver A+ Service in an Automated Parking World
Monday, September 27, 2:00 PM

Customers expect to be able to enter and exit parking facilities without interacting with staff, but when they do need help, they expect it to be instantaneous. Because let's face it, technology does sometimes fail: credit cards can’t be read; cell phones die, and gates don’t raise. Furthermore, studies show that 1/3 of people who are loyal to a brand will still leave over just one bad experience.

In the informative session, you will learn how to deliver top-level service even when things are not going as planned and how to implement a service recovery system in real-time.

This program will:
  • Demonstrate how parking’s digital transformation is making it harder to provide an exceptional customer experience when parkers encounter issues in parking facilities
  • Outline a variety of techniques for enhancing the customer experience and provide a safety net when there are issues that disrupt the digitalized customer journey.
  • Discuss the importance of focusing on the parking experience for measured success in driving revenue, mitigating expenses and improving operational efficiencies.


Brian Wolff
President and CEO
Parker Technology

Chuck StillsChuck Stills
VP of Operations
Platinum Parking


Filling Parking Spots with the Post-Pandemic Parker
Monday, September 27, 4:00 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic rewrote the script for nearly everything - including parkers. As people return to work, nightlife, event venues, airports, and more, there will be shifts in parking habits and the industry will need to adapt. What changes can we expect and how can we adapt? See the results for the latest parking consumer research and hear the insights and analysis on the implications for parking entrepreneurs.

This program will:
  • Review the key insights from a large consumer data set, specific to post-COVID behaviors.
  • Outline the shifts in consumer behavior and technology, influenced by the pandemic.
  • Present the strategies that parking operators implement to adapt to changes and stay successful in a post-COVID world.


Matt SullivanMatt Sullivan
CPP, Senior Vice President of Sales

Matt Dibari headshotMatt DiBari
Chief Product Officer


The Future of Parking Management: A Multichannel Marketing Approach
Tuesday, September 28, 9:45 AM

Hear how to develop and implement a successful multichannel approach to marketing your parking facility.

Parking, mobility, and transportation have undergone significant shifts driven by consumer behavior. These shifts require us to rethink how we manage parking assets and define success. Join a panel of parking operators as outline this adaptive, multichannel approach, and discuss the tactics to ensure successful implementation.

This program will:
  • Explain the context around changing consumer behaviors and the need for an adaptive approach to parking management.
  • Outline how to implement a multichannel approach to marketing and selling parking both online and offline.
  • Provide tactical advice on the tools and best practices that can drive their business forward.


John HortonJohn Horton
SpotHero Inc.

Shaun Kirby headshotShaun Kirby
President of Operations
Edison ParkFast


Amp up ROI with Mobility Partnerships
Tuesday, September 28, 11:00 AM

In a connected parking world, strategic partnerships and co-operations amongst complementary technology providers is a key stepping-stone to success and sustained ROI.

Join a panel of parking entrepreneurs from across the industry, including PARCS, Valet, mobile app, and parking vendors as they discuss the criteria for seeking out partnership to bring new opportunities to operators and owners, and elevate the experience for parkers.

This program will:
  • Present the best methods for determining the partnerships that will bring the most value to customers and opportunity to you.
  • Outline the steps leaders in the industry have taken to enter into and formalize partnership agreements for maximum benefit.
  • Demonstrate how to identify and establish key KPIs to measure the success of strategic partnerships.


Kirk Hillquist
VP, Sales
TIBA Parking Systems



Keith Lynch headshotKeith Lynch
Digital Parking Leader


Jerry Marcus headshotJerry Marcus
President and Owner
Parking Advisory Group, LLC.


Brian Wolf
President & CEO
Parker Technology


Ryan Slack headshotRyan Slack
Sales Director
Signature Controls


How To Make the Move to a Virtual Permit System
Tuesday, September 28, 2:00 PM

Ready to make the move to LPR and virtual permits? Learn how to design, develop, and implement an LPR-based virtual permit system in this informative session. Using live case studies from municipalities and campuses, this session examines the key questions parking managers should ask when facing this issue.

This program will:
  • Give an overview of virtual permits, their benefits, and challenges.
  • Present a case study from a municipality on the cost-benefits of virtual permits & LPR enforcement system first-hand.
  • Provide an understanding of the various applications of virtual permits and how they can benefit a parking operation.


John Evans
Territory Manager- Flex/PE
T2 Systems

Positive Thinking: How Parking Owners Should Prepare for Electric Vehicle
Tuesday, September 28, 3:00 PM

With every car manufacturer seemingly committed to electrification, electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to begin taking off in the next few years and be a significant market share by 2030. Recharging is a significant issue in acceptance of EVs and pressure is mounting to add EV charging to parking facilities to support and encourage EV Sales. What implications does this have for parking operators, for parking facility design and construction, and for day-to-day operation?

Mary Smith and Carl Schneeman of Walker Consultants present a sneak-peek of the forthcoming NPA white paper that the Parking Consultants Council is preparing on EVs and parking. In the session they will:

  • Examine the metrics behind EV sales and vehicles on the road and its impact on number of charging stations in the near term.
  • How to prepare to grow the number of stations over time, including power and space requirements.
  • Review layout and design considerations, including ADA impacts.
  • Explore the operational challenges around charging stations
  • Discuss the challenges involved in retrofitting garages with charging stations


Mary S. SmithMary S. Smith
Senior Vice President
Waler Consultants

Carl SchneemanCarl L. Schneeman
PE, Principal
Waler Consultants


New Developments in Digital Signage: Improve Speed to the Space with Dynamic Pricing and Wayfinding 
Tuesday, September 28, 4:00 PM

Learn how to use digital signage systems to drive revenue and improve the customer experience your parking facility.

With the advent of affordable, full-color, LED matrix displays, parking operators now have an extremely flexible tool that can integrate with a PARCS/APGS systems to provide a range of pricing and wayfinding solutions.

Using case studies from actual installations, this presentation explains the technology trends driving this transition to modern display systems. It will outline the state-of-the-art in digital signage solutions, explain how these new display systems can be used in modern parking systems, and it will highlight the benefits of these new approaches.


Peter Filice
Sr. Consultant
Walker Consultants

Journey Mapping Crowds to Optimize Parking
Wednesday, September 29, 11:00 AM

As destinations across the globe reopen to the public and serve an increasing number of guests, it is critical for operators to understand and effectively optimize each stage of the customer journey.

Learn how to critically analyze the customer journey through a parking facility to serve guests quickly, safely, and efficiently. The program will outline the three phases of crowd movement: transitional, transactional and stationary and demonstrate the wide range of methods and tools being used across the industry to safely sustain operations and protect customers and staff.


Tony Albanese headshotTony Albanese
Chief Revenue Officer


Christian Lau headshotChristian Lau
Chief Technology Officer


Jamie Leonoff headshotJaimie Leonoff
Director, New York Hockey Holdings
New York Islanders


Valet Restart: COVID Lessons Learned & What's Next?
Wednesday, September 29, 2:00 PM

Panel Discussion. Get insights into different paths valet parking operators took to scale down & scale back up, reinvent operations and re-align client relationships to survive the pandemic. Get a street-level view of how valet parking is now more resilient and more effective at communicating safety, value and service. More on sessions for valet leaders.


Paul LindbergerPaul Lindenburger
Regional Vice President
Platinum Parking



Donald Reboya
Elite Parking Services

Ken LovegreenKen Lovegreen
Founder and Idea Guy
TEZ Technology

Nate Sposato headshotNathan Nate Sposato
Vice President
Healthcare Operations



Contactless Parking: What It Really Means, How it Really Works
Wednesday, September 29, 3:00 PM

Everyone is talking contactless parking these days, but what does it really mean and how does it really work?

Hear and learn from a case study on a successful contactless parking project at Piedmont Triad International Airport. The presentation will examine how a contactless parking solution can be implemented in gated environments, open surface lots, and on-street parking. It will also include the infrastructure changes required as well as benefits and challenges.

This program will:
  • Provide an understanding of contactless parking, what it means, and how it works.
  • Review the contactless technologies available for gated environments, open surface lots, and on-street parking.
  • Discuss the infrastructure changes that may be required to implement a contactless parking project.


Geoffrey Posluszny
Walker Consultants

Tom Dunlap
Director of Parking and Ground Transportation
Piedmont Triad International Airport

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