Investment and Value of Savings

Training and professional development is an investment in YOU & the organization. The more knowledge and expertise you have now—the more valuable you are and the more your organization can benefit today.

There’s no better way to get management best practice and market trend information than at NPA.

Calculating Value

Learning at Convention If you bring back just one solid idea to save expenses or generate revenue, the trip will more than pay for itself. In addition to the new ideas and best practices you’ll learn, you’ll also save on expenses because many items are included with a Full Convention Registration, such as:
  • 50 Hours of Education & Networking – a $5,000 value
  • Welcome Reception (Mon) – a $100 value
  • Opening Breakfast (Tue) – a $50 value
  • Awards Luncheon (Tue) – a $80 value
  • Breakfasts (Wed & Thu) – a $30 value
  • Expo Lunch (Wed) –  a $45 value
Bottom line: You’ll receive more than $5,300 in benefits for the price of a Full Registration! You can't beat it!

ROI Research

Meeting Professionals International, along with a major investment from Reed Travel Exhibitions through AIBTM, is focused on studying and understanding the appreciable business value of meetings through key research findings. Below is an excerpt from Meetings Deliver, a white paper developed with recent research and survey results from the likes of the U.S. Travel Association, the National Business Travel Association and MPI. The survey results conclude that: 40% of prospects are converted to new customers through face-to-face meetings and without these face-to-face meetings, 28% of current business would be lost.

Meetings Deliver:

  • Improved productivity
  • A 12.5:1 return on investment in business travel
  • Increased brand awareness via customer experience
  • A 4:1 return on investment in incentive travel, in the form of heightened employee morale and performance
  • The opportunity to “seal the deal” and form long-term business relationships, negotiate important contracts, interview senior staff for key positions and understand the needs of major customers



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