NPA Smart Cities Solutions Forum

Join us Monday, October 21, 2019, and get access to:

  • Access the latest research on mobility, congestion, and parking demand
  • See the future of smart cities, smart parking, and technology
  • Hear successful case-studies from multiple municipalities including Chicago IL, Durham NC, Denver CO, Orlando FL, Los Angeles CA, and UCLA.
  • Engage with cities, municipalities, and local governments on integrated data, connected devices, shared information, and optimized efficiency of operations
  • Connect with smart city players, developers, and investors

Insider’s Take

Technology has had an incredible impact on mobility and parking. Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing platforms as well the development of parking apps and data sharing resources has changed the business environment for the parking industry and the transportation ecosystem. 

The future for the parking industry will be as part of a connected space, where data is shared, aggregated, and managed, by a variety of entities both public and private, commercial and non-profit. This “smart city” development is happening NOW and will have a profound impact on parking operations, their clients, and consumers. 

Where does parking fit into this space and how does the parking industry influence the development on smart cities?

Join us as we race ahead to the future of smart cities, shared mobility, and the future of parking in the urban landscape. 

NPA Smart Cities Solutions Forum Course Fee:
NPA Members:
Nonmembers: $299

Forum Thought Leaders

Key stake-holders in smart cities currently in development have been invited to share what they are doing, discuss and examine the potential impact on parking and mobility, and provide insights into how parking operations can leverage these developments to improve business operations and the consumer experience. 

Confirmed Participants:

  • Matt Adey, Executive Vice President, Platinum Parking
  • Christine Banning, President, National Parking Association
  • Brenna M. Berman, CEO, City Tech Collaborative
  • Frank Ching, Deputy Executive Officer, Operational Programs, Countywide Planning & Development, LA Metro
  • John Conway, Vice President, PRRS, Denver, CO
  • David Damus, CEO, System Property Development Company, Inc
  • Alex Epstein, Director, Transportation Safety, National Safety Council
  • Renée A. Fortier, Executive Director, UCLA Events & Transportation
  • Professor Jonathan Gifford, Director, Center for Transportation, George Mason University
  • Dominique Greco, Nighttime Economy Manager for the City of Orlando's Downtown Development Board/Community Redevelopment Agency
  • David Karwaski, Senior Associate Director, UCLA Transportation
  • Thomas Leathers, CAPP, Chief Parking Administrator, City of Durham Transportation Department, Durham, NC
  • Ben Montgomery, President, Premium Parking
  • Chris Perry, VP, Asura USA, Denver, CO
  • Antoinette Samuel, Former Deputy Executive Director, National League of Cities
  • Stephen Smyth, Co-founder and CEO, Coord
  • Rick West, Managing Member, West FSI, LLC

Should You Attend?

NPA has invited leaders from some of the fastest growing cities, the largest urban centers, and those implementing creative solutions from across the country. 

If you serve in any of these roles, you can’t afford to miss this event:
  • Smart City Thought Leaders
  • City Managers, City Planners, & Municipal CFOs
  • Technology & IoT Innovators
  • Commercial Parking Operators
  • Academics & Researchers
  • Engineers & Developers