Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers)

Here is a list of the questions that NPA gets asked most frequently regarding the submission process. 
If you have other questions, contact Eamon Connor at NPA at

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Audio Visual Support Questions
What audio-visual equipment is provided at the conference program?
Does NPA support Mac products? Will it provide me an adapter to connect to the LCD projector?
Is wi-fi available in the education classrooms?
Does NPA video and/or audio record the education sessions? If it does, can I get a copy of it?
If it does not, can I (or someone from my organization) record my session? What are the rules regarding the sharing of this content
Does NPA have a standard conference slide template that I can use?
Do I have to use the NPA provided speaker template provided for my presentation?
CFP Submission Questions
Can I edit my application before submitting it?
When will I be notified if my submission has been accepted?
What if I don't accept the speaker agreement by the date?
Other Questions
What should I do if I am no longer able to present as assigned?
If I am organizing a panel of speakers, can I substitute speakers during the process?
How to I make handouts or other presentation material available?
Registration and Hotel Questions
As a speaker, do I need to register for the conference?
Do speakers receive a discount on their registration?
Does NPA provide any assistance with hotel stay as a speaker?
Does NPA pay speaking fees or does it reimburse expenses?