Call For Presentations Timeline

Below is the planning timeline for the 2019 NPA Annual Convention and Expo Conference Program. The timeline includes deadlines for the submission, evaluation, and notification process, as well as key dates in the conference planning process after a session has been selected. The deadlines are fixed and NPA is unable to accommodate changes or extensions to these deadlines.  

If you are invited to be a speaker please make every effort to meet these deadlines. NPA appreciates your participation in the expo conference program and your cooperation in the planning process.



November 12, 2018

2019 NPA Annual Convention and Expo Call for Presentations (CFP) Opens

January 18, 2019

2019 NPA Annual Convention and Expo Call for Presentations (CFP) Closes

January – February

NPA convention programming team selects session for inclusion in the program

February - March

All CFP applicants informed of their status in the program

April 1, 2019

NPA Speaker Services Center Opens

April 30, 2019

Deadline to sign NPA Speaker Agreement

May 15, 2019

Preliminary conference schedule distributed

June 30, 2019

2019 NPA Annual Conference & Expo Speaker PowerPoint template available for download form Speaker Services Center.

Template must be used for in all expo presentations.


July 1, 2019

Final conference schedule published

Sept 15, 2019

Final date for speaker registration

Sept 30, 2019

All conference presentation handouts (PDF's and / or PPT's) must be uploaded in the SSC

October 7, 2019

NPA sends final email in advance of NPA Expo

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