The Future of Parking
The Future of Parking

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Red Rock Canyon Tour

Monday October 22, 2018

11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Red Rock CanyonEnjoy a thrilling day at Red Rock Canyon! This stunning landscape has served as the backdrop for dozens of films and your guide will share more insight into the park’s place in film history.

Encompassing about 197,000 acres, Red Rock Canyon features a wide range of ecosystems, wildlife and multicolored views.

First Stop

First stop, the Visitor’s Center. Here, you’ll encounter charming desert tortoises in a protected habitat. You might even meet Mojave Max, the official mascot of the Mojave Desert. Browse more informative exhibits and shop for keepsakes before heading to Wilson Cliffs.

Wilson Cliffs

You will visit the ancient artwork at Wilson Cliffs and see thriving plants and animals at Spring Mountain’s water sources as well as the Kaleidoscopic Southwest colors of Calico Hills.

Red Rock Overlook

Before ending your incredible day, you will take the paved trail up to Red Rock Overlook. You’ll see all the landmarks from your tour at once and leave with incredible photos and memories of your beautiful Southwest adventure. Don’t forget to ask your expert guide any lingering questions on the ride back to your hotel.

Cost: $125

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