The Future of Parking
The Future of Parking

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Chelsea Webster - Marketing Specialist, ParkPlus System
Chelsea is the marketing specialist at ParkPlus Systems, and has been working in marketing field for over 10 years. She specialises in trend research and how each trend can apply to the parking industry. She has been published in Parker, Parking Today, and Parking Professional magazines. Topics of interest to her include the gamification of parking, applying new technology like 5G and cybersecurity to parking, how parking is incorporated into smart cities, and of course how marketing tactics can be incorporated into the parking industry.

To stay informed on these and other parking related topics (or if you just love Caturday), follow the Twitter account she curates for ParkPlus, @getparkgplus. She also has expertise in pay per click advertising, social media, influencer campaigns, and augmented reality application.

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