The Future of Parking
The Future of Parking

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Ben Montgomery - President, Premium Parking Service, LLC
Benjamin Montgomery joined the Premium team in 2008 as Vice President of Business Development. He was instrumental in building the corporate culture and internal systems that continue to drive Premium forward today. He has analyzed, underwritten, and overseen hundreds of parking operations across the country. Additionally, Ben has led the Product Team since 2013, and has been instrumental in ensuring that Premium’s clients have access to the right technology for their operation. In 2016, Ben assumed the role of President for Premium Parking, where he has remained involved in operations at every level, from training to technology and all aspects in between.

He is taking parking into the future. Using cutting edge technology and a more systematic approach, he brings value to the entire industry. Instead of sticking with the conventional and familiar, he has stepped forward and found a better and more efficient way to park.

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