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Certified Parking Professional Convention Track - Monday, October 2
Prepare to Earn Your CPP Designation - The Standard for Parking Professionalism
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The Certified Parking Professional (CPP) designation is your opportunity become an authority in the parking industry. The CPP track is the fastest way to access in-depth information to help you prepare for the certification process.

Get in-depth knowledge about how to prepare for the certification process by connecting with peers and the resources you need to help you successfully earn the CPP designation.


Track Sessions - Monday, October 2

10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m.: Preparing for Certification Success: Earning the CPP Designation

Earning the CPP designation will open doors for your career. Find out how you can leverage your skills, expand your knowledge and earn credentials to demonstrate your value as a parking pro.

Kathy Phillips CIC, CPP
Senior Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Bryan Alexander, CPP, PSP
Regional Account Manager, Tech Systems

11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.: Fundamentals of Parking Management: Accounting & Auditing

For every manager and leader, fiduciary care and financial management are critical. In this deep dive session, learn about the key accounting and auditing practices that protect your organization, parkers and clients. Gain an understating of key accounting reports for parking locations. Learn about key aspects of auditing that ensure that proper financial controls are in place. A critical, CPP professional skill is the understanding of processes, training and management of cash and audit controls. Increase your knowledge of auditing requirements to manage effective audit controls for a successful operation.

Vicki Pero, SHPR, CPP
Principal, The Marylyn Group

Silvia Zimmermann, Colonial Parking DC
Revenue Integrity/Maximization

2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m.: Fundamentals of Parking Management: Operations

As a parking leader it’s important to understand the full scope of parking operations and the differences between commercial, valet, municipal, university/college, hospital/medical and parking. Understanding the basics of operations management, nuances of specialty parking services and the parking/transportation components of attended/automated parking, enforcement and revenue control. Learn about the latest practices in parking management and how to effective managing today’s mix of high tech and high touch parking. Develop a solid understanding of the scope of parking services and variances in business process and management. Get on the path to certification while preparing yourself as a parking professional and leader.

Chris Hankins, CPP
Vice President, Colonial Parking, DE
Chair, NPA Certification Advisory Board

3:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m.: CPP Peer Network Mixer, Networking Event

Meet current and candidate Certified Parking Professionals and build your “go to” network of contacts for parking advice. For candidates, expand your contacts and learn from CPPs and members of the NPA Certification Advisory Board (CAB) how to become a CPP and make the most of the credential. You can always pick up the phone and call a fellow CPP for advice.

Leonard Carder, CPP, Chief Commercial Officer Impark

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About the Certified Parking Professional (CPP) Designation

The CPP is your opportunity to establish credibility and advance your career as a knowledgeable and relevant parking industry professional. Those who have earned the CPP have become authorities in the field.

Why Become a CPP?

The CPP is the parking industry's most respected training course. Earn the trust of employers and your peers, build your reputation in the industry while expanding your industry knowledge.


Show your commitment to the parking profession and gain recognition for your accomplishments and ability to meet national standards.

The Certified Parking Professional (CPP) designation brings you a breadth of knowledge in all aspects of parking management and covers commercial, valet, public, healthcare, university, airport and event parking.

Join the 500+ parking leaders who have successfully earned this designation and demonstrate how you have developed extensive parking knowledge of industry best practices and the NPA Code of Ethics. To learn more about certification, visit WeAreParking.org/CPP.

Have questions about the CPP program? Email education@weareparking.org.